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Products developed at IRMM have won national and international awards and have received lot of accolades globally.

Mr.S. Rangarajan, Chairman and Founder of IRMM has received the Indira Gandhi Priyadarshini award in the year 2007 and Udyog Rattan award in the year 2009 for his contribution and service to the country in the field of Information Technology.

Working Environment

If you had ever thought that Information Technology was very monotonous and lifeless programming, then think again. At IRMM, we offer a totally different environment for software engineering professionals looking for challenging opportunities.

IRMM provides you the opportunity in learning and helping you develop products using latest technologies that are marketed by multi billion dollar MNC companies. Whether it is facilitating Network based products, Web-based products, enabling the creation of high quality document management, over LAN or WAN, we ensure that you have challenging work that enables you to advance your career.

At IRMM you get the opportunity to work with a variety of technologies. We offer job rotations and flexible career progression, both, technical as well as managerial - so that you can plan your own personal advancement goals.

Learning and Contributing is the motto at IRMM. All new team members undergo training in various technologies that are incorporated into IRMM products. It offers you opportunities to update your skills and advance your knowledge base in emerging technologies and you will never stop learning at IRMM. At IRMM, in-house experts help achieve your professional dream.

IRMM team is also built on trust and performance.  IRMM offers competitive benefit package including flexible work schedules and leave programs. IRMM team enjoys off-site cultural and sports activities throughout the year.
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