Recollect Enterprise Product Suite

Recollect's Comprehensive Enterprise Product Suite Includes:

  • Recollect Enterprise Server Solutions for organizations connected to a network, whether Local Area Network or Wide Area Network or Intranet or Internet.
  • Recollect Mobile Solution for User's to access from Mobile device Or from a Web Browser.

Recollect offers a unique method of storing, searching, and retrieving scanned and electronic documents and manipulating or sharing document content. Patented, full-text Fuzzy Search and Indexing technology is especially useful for searching through paper and fax-based documents that may contain misspelled or run-together words frequently created by Optical Character Recognition (OCR) processes.

With the proliferation of digital copiers in business environments enabling document filing and distribution systems that play a powerful role in productivity, it is critical for applications to have Fuzzy Search and Indexing capabilities

Recollect Enterprise takes image processing and document/information management to its highest level yet with a complete, 32-bit/64-bit, network-based, distributed-server solution. The streamlined user interface offers a conventional file-folder structure and accommodates long file names. The comprehensive digital document solution includes portable document indexing and "bulls-eye" identification of targeted words, even when archived documents include "fuzzy" words that do not precisely match but do indeed represent the targeted word or phrase.

Recollect Enterprise Product Suite is a full suite of products for a comprehensive Enterprise document and Information Management solution. The Recollect Enterprise product line includes Recollect Enterprise for Microsoft's NT and Recollect Web Server for users connected to a network and Recollect Mobile for mobile users.

Recollect Enterprise is a powerful Scanning, Indexing, Storage, and intelligent retrieval software solution for document and information management within a Domain, Distributed-Server environment, where User Access and Restriction is important in a given Network. Using Recollect Enterprise, Workgroups, Departments, or entire enterprises store, manage, and share both paper-based and electronically transmitted information quickly and efficiently. The comprehensive solution requires a minimum of one copy of Recollect Enterprise Server installed in a Domain and one copy of Recollect Enterprise Officemate.

This highly scalable solution enables users to store, retrieve, manage, and share digital documents and information over a network. Recollect Enterprise offers solutions for Microsoft Windows Server 2003 and higher. It works with multiple servers, whether they are same or different, connected through a network. You can set the User Rights to access the documents in a given Network.

Recollect Enterprise Solution includes three key components:

  • Recollect Enterprise ServerŽ : Scalable, advanced server software
  • Recollect Enterprise OfficemateŽ : A powerful scanning, indexing, storage, and retrieval client
  • Recollect Enterprise RetrieverŽ : A powerful retrieval client

A versatile search and viewing client for users who only need to access the Recollect library but do not need to perform scanning or importing tasks

Use Recollect Enterprise Officemate or Recollect Enterprise Courier to scan, store, and index any paper documents and import electronic documents, whether composed of text, image, video, and/or audio. Use Recollect Enterprise Officemate when you need to scan, index, and access Recollect documents through a network.

Recollect Web Solution:

Use Recollect Web Server to enable many users to access the powerful features of Recollect Enterprise servers through the Intranet or Internet. The comprehensive solution requires a minimum of one copy of Recollect Enterprise Server and one copy of Recollect Web Server.

This combination of servers can be used to integrate with other applications like CRM, ERP and other Enterprise software applications using Recollect's HTTP protocol based interface. This solution is ideal for Application Service Providers (ASPs), ISPs, System Integrators and other Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) for integrating with other applications and offering them the ability to search, retrieve and manage unstructured data including Paper, Fax, PDF and other electronic documents.

Recollect Mobile Solution:

Use Android based Recollect Mobile Application or Browser based Web Application to access Recollect documents using your mobile device or a computer when you are away from office.

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