Recollect Desktop

Recollect Desktop, the first desktop solution to allow users to search all documents including unstructured files such as scanned documents, PDFs and emails, not just by title, but by the words and images inside, even if they are misspelled or run-together.

Recollect Desktop allows users to give structure to these types of documents, ending the painful shuffling and search process people go through as they dig into piles of misfiled papers to find the right document. The program goes a step further, finding documents that may contain misspelled or run-together words. With Recollect Desktop, there is no need to manually tag files; Recollect indexes it for you automatically.

Load Recollect Desktop onto your PC connected to All-In-One device or Copier/ Scanner and simply scan your documents. Recollect Desktop automatically reads, OCRs, indexes, and stores them for you. Because the software indexes every word in each document, you can search for them using any words contained in the document. With the ability to retrieve scanned documents based on words in the content, you don't have to worry about naming your files.

In addition to the ability to search and retrieve any scanned documents, Recollect Desktop Premier lets you find files and email stored on your computer or server. Simply select the directories and files for Recollect Desktop Premier to index, and it automatically indexes each word in every file, email and even attachments you specified. Now you can retrieve files and emails in seconds by searching for any words they contain.

For Individual Users:

Users can scan using their all-in-one desktop printer / scanner devices a wide number of random documents such as faxes, medical records, legal contracts, insurance and trustee forms, home mortgage reports, receipts, bills, estimates, newspaper and magazine clippings, tax records, or college files and Recollect Desktop will quickly and easily recall and list the relevant information they need, even if users can not remember where the documents were stored on the hard drive. Recollect Desktop can also search people’s emails, as well as the content inside of email attachments.

For Businesses:

Recollect Desktop is not only designed for any business with filing cabinets and reams of stored paper documents, but also for businesses which have a lot of unstructured electronic documents, including PDFs, TIFFs and emails, that users need to access often or quickly. Recollect Desktop automatically indexes all of this unstructured data, helping companies and the SOHO market move closer and closer to a paperless office while improving overall worker efficiency. Recollect Desktop can also search emails, as well as the content inside of email attachments.

Individuals and businesses alike can now move closer to a paperless office with Recollect Desktop.

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