Recollect Courier

With Recollect Courier you can manage files on your notebook or laptop, and access it from your network servers in seconds. This powerful OCR, scanning, indexing, storage and intelligent document management solution lets you duplicate your office filing cabinet structure on your computer or network server, so you can access your files from anywhere. Connecting to a Recollect server lets you use the software as a stand-alone application or as a client computer, so you can transfer documents between your PC and the server, as well as access documents stored on your network.

This solution is ideal for Small Businesses with Single User or Multiple Users. It can be used either in Single User mode or in a Multi User Shared Network mode or as a client when connected to Recollect Enterprise Server.

Recollect Courier is a fast and easy way to manage all your paper-based and electronic documents, whatever it is, wherever you are.
Simply Scan Or Import your documents into Recollect and they are instantly transformed into a goldmine of useful, editable, searchable information.
Make multiple digital copies to distribute within the office transforming into Paperless office.
Copy or move your information to External Hard Drives Or USB Or Writable CD-RW / DVD, that are fully indexed, fully portable archive containing all your valuable information stored in a Safe and Secured manner.
The information stored can be easily searched and retrieved by simply Plug-in the External Hard Drives Or USB Or Writable CD-RW/DVD using Recollect.
This way you overcome the valuable Data loss recovery at the time of Disaster - Fire, Flooding, Loss of Property...

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