Filing and Retrieving Service Manuals

Whether you manufacture airplanes, bicycles or computers, or have a servicing company in any engineering or manufacturing arena, Recollect is your new best friend. Contracts, instructional manuals, ISO-Certification documentation, memos, scribbled notes, everything can be saved, indexed and retrieved in seconds. Those filing cabinets taking up valuable space have finally gone the way of the horse and buggy. Scan everything on paper using Recollect and what do you have? An electronic filing cabinet, a true data bank, with everything stored on External Hard Disks or USB or CD-ROM/DVD.

Imagine having an instructional manual that requires frequent updates. Changes must be documented, pages amended or text edited, and meticulous attention paid to proofreading. And then there’s the problem of redistribution. The process is time-consuming and expensive, and often besieged with errors. Furthermore, the very act of accessing one piece of pertinent information—changes, part descriptions, drawbacks, contractual obligations, government regulations—often slows the retrieval of another. With Recollect, every document can be scanned and made available over the network. And every piece of information can be retrieved in seconds by all authorized personnel, all the time.

When changes and amendments are instantaneous, the results are dramatic: a faster roll-out of accurate information, with everyone receiving the changes simultaneously. In a manufacturing environment, that means time saved and revenues increased. When the enterprise is running smoothly, customer satisfaction hits new heights.

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Recollect is the solution, pure and simple

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Example: You have a document that needs to be generated during the development of a product change. There are 250 engineers who need to access that document and you have only six copies. How do you share it? How do changes get made so that everyone is aware of them? Recollect is the answer. Scan that document one time and it can be distributed electronically right from a desktop computer. Changes or updates made to that document can be seen by everyone authorized to access the information. You can generate a log of all changes made during a specified period of time, while being ISO-compliant. With Recollect, documentation control is streamlined, auditing processes are simplified and productivity is increased.
Example: You need the purchase order for Jane Brown Inc., but someone has entered the name as Jane Frown. You spend twenty minutes sorting through computer files and then go into the File Room to continue the paper chase. With Recollect, you enter Jane Brown and our patented Fuzzy Indexing and Searching display the image of those documents bearing names that come close. Click on the right one and do whatever is required: fax, email, edit or print. The entire process takes seconds and you never leave your desk.
Example: You need to refer to several different sections of different manuals, each one pertaining to a specific product fix. With Recollect, you not only collate these sections into one usable tutorial, but use it as your knowledge base for training sessions. For referencing, any portions of that documentation collection can be searched, all accurate data is quickly accessible from your desk. To maximize the learning curve, all related documents are linked together, thereby making every piece of pertinent information immediately available and easy to update.