Financial Institutions

Filing and Retrieving Invoice and Purchase Orders

Banks, mortgage and loans, S&Lís, venture bankers, title companies. The process of making and processing loans results in an overwhelming output of paper. Recollect allows you to store, index and retrieve every transcript, title, publication, document or contract in seconds. Information going back two days or a full century can be scanned, indexed and accessed quickly and effortlessly. For one office or one hundred.

When a Finance Department is able to scan every invoice, P.O., IRS-related form, hand-written note, every receipt and expense report, business can only get better. Higher profits and satisfied customers. With most of todayís information residing on paper or microfilm, the process of completing any financial application requires many steps. Consider the time required to access the history of a property, validate the ownership, look into regulatory clearances, environmental requirements, etc. But time counts and the speed in which you complete a transaction profoundly affects customer satisfaction, which in turn impacts the market share capture opportunity, revenues and profits.

Your efficiency is rated by how well you access and disseminate the right information within the organization, and how quickly you process it. The concept of offering customers a digitized version of their information is not new. The concept of doing so through Recollect solutions is revolutionary. When data is digitized, you can study and predict market trends, resulting in a better understanding of your customer base. You can do all of this and more with Recollect.

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Recollect is the solution, pure and simple

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Example: A bank is experiencing rapid expansion and change. New markets are being targeted and the paper trails are becoming increasingly difficult to follow. Using Recollect, every piece of paper, including hand written notes, every contract and letter, every email, fax and related information can be scanned, automatically indexed, and retrieved in seconds.
Example: You have multiple branches and the exchange of information has become complicated and troublesome. Your information is on paper or microfilm, stored in one place, accessible through the search and discover method. It takes time, wastes time, which adds up to wasted capital. How can you serve your customers if you cannot access vital information? Recollect allows you to capture and index automatically everything existing on paper, electronic and microfilm. Even customer data in existing computers can be indexed along with the digitized paper and microfilm data, making for higher efficiency, improved service and better solutions. All that information can also be exchanged, via computer, between branches and other organizations. That makes for increased productivity and revenue. Of course, all of that information can also be stored on External Hard Disks or USB or CD-ROM/DVD for long-term security and accessibility.