Filing and Retrieving Student Records

A public school system or a major university, thirty students or three hundred thousand, Recollect makes certain that every piece of stored information can be retrieved in seconds. That means every transcript, student record, publication, document or contracts in seconds.

Microfilm. The dinosaur of information technology. Universities and Colleges must retain student records. But how do you store and access those records, particularly for students who graduated many years ago? The traditional way is on microfilm, but accessing the microfilm containing the right records takes far too long. Because microfilmed data are stored sequentially, finding what you need is often more luck than skill. And when you find it, the damage caused by normal wear and tear may make it difficult to read.

Bound documents lost in the shuffle.

As for student reports and research projects, they are traditionally printed and bound, shelved in libraries and accessible to one researcher at a time. The same can be said of funding proposals, associated documents, press releases, etc. These are often stored in folders and stuffed away in cabinets. What they have in common is that no remote search or access is possible.

Recollect is the solution, pure and simple.

With Recollect, all student records stored either on paper or microfilm can be digitized and automatically indexed, allowing authorized staff to access those records in seconds, directly from their computers, using a simple search. What’s more, those digitized records can be stored on removable media, such as External Hard Disks or USB or CD-ROM or DVD. Think of it as document protection, instant back-up that allows multiple copies to be created and stored at different geographical locations. Even more important, every document can be accessed, whenever you need it. As for information already on computer systems, it can be indexed and stored as well. Even information entered incorrectly can be found by Recollect in seconds!

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Bound documents lost in the shuffle

Recollect is the solution, pure and simple

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Example: You need the transcripts for Jane Brown, but someone has entered the name as Jane Frown. You could spend twenty minutes sorting through computer files and then go into the File Room to continue the paper chase. How would you like to be able to type in Jane Brown and immediately see the images of those transcripts bearing names that come close? You simply choose the right one and do with it as you wish: fax, email, edit or print. The entire process takes seconds and you never leave your desk. Recollect makes that happen.
Example: You’re a small school and cannot afford to network with a server. Recollect makes an application for single-user systems allowing you to process in seconds any scanned images (transcripts, documents, contracts, whatever). Built-in Backgrounder makes it possible. And then our patented Fuzzy Indexing and Searching indexes all of that information and allows you to retrieve it at record speed.
Example: You are part of an institution-wide network and need to share documents with other campuses. Recollect offers solutions that permit full network connectivity. This allows you to create documents and share them through the server to other linked computers. With the Recollect capabilities of scanning, indexing, storing and retrieving, records can be scanned with Digital Copiers and filed automatically, with images intact.