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Products developed at IRMM have won national and international awards and have received lot of accolades globally.

Mr.S. Rangarajan, Chairman and Founder of IRMM has received the Indira Gandhi Priyadarshini award in the year 2007 and Udyog Rattan award in the year 2009 for his contribution and service to the country in the field of Information Technology.


IRMM was founded in 1990 and is a leading technology development company engaged in developing products for the international markets that are revolutionizing the way people work in offices.  It is founded by one of the pioneers in Pattern Recognition and Scanning technologies from Silicon Valley, USA. Our products and technologies have received several international patents, awards and accolades.
IRMM received "Excellence" award in the year 2009 for Productivity, Quality, Innovation and Management awarded by IES.

  IRMM's future plans include developing more state-of-the-art software packages in the areas of Information management for both domestic and international markets. The Products will be available on multiple platforms including Windows, Novell, Linux and Mobile Platforms.

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